Best Web Design Companies In Winnipeg (Top 5)

So you’re looking for the best web design company in Winnipeg, although there are a lot of web design companies in Winnipeg but choosing the best one comes down to your requirements and budget.

So in this post I’ll tell you about the top 5 web design companies in Winnipeg.

Best Web Design Companies In Winnipeg

1. Verda Design

Verda design has been around for quite some time now and their work is simply amazing, they’ve been helping businesses in Winnipeg thrive online ever since 2010. They offer services from web designing to graphics designing, giving you a complete package!

However, since they’re on top of this list you’re correct to assume that they are a bit pricey as well, but rest assured, Verda Design has never let anyone down and according to the reviews , they do a spectacular job of dealing with each of their clients.

The sleek and minimalistic design of their own website speaks a lot about how they do business with their clients and how much focus they have on detail.

2. PeggDesigns

The list simply wouldn’t be complete without us in it! Peggdesigns , although is a relatively new web design company in Winnipeg, however, among the websites we’ve built up till now, there hasn’t been a single instance where we haven’t received a 5-star review.

We don’t have any social media, but we do have a simple website and tons of reviews which give us credibility, now we’re not selling ourselves here, we’re just stating the facts about how we’ve always been focused on providing the ultimate value to the client.

Granted, our prices are quite nominal, BUT, that doesn’t mean that our work is bad, we’ve been helping businesses achieve their E-commerce success since 2019 and will continue to do so!

3. Winnipegtech

Just like us, Winnipegtech has almost 60 websites under their belt, they have experience working with different industries and can definitely add value to your business.

Although if you’re a new company then Winnipegtech isn’t the best for you, most web design companies in Winnipeg will charge you a hefty amount and Winnipegtech is one of them, although their work is impeccable but they charge a lot.

If you’re however, a company that needs a website redesign then you should definitely hire Winnipegtech as they will do an excellent job of doing it.

4. Websites.CA

Websites.CA has a massive portfolio of 4,500 websites! just imagine how good they are with their work, more than 4,000 businesses trust Websites.CA with their branding and marketing.

However, is yet another company that has a difficult charging criteria and not every small business can afford to spend thousands on a simple website, but regarding their work, has outdone themselves in every aspect.

In addition to that, they not only operate in Winnipeg but have multiple locations throughout Canada so wherever you are in Canada, has got you covered.


Officesmarts has an amazing website. Period. The website has insanely good copy and explains everything in detail. This shows us that they really took their time crafting the perfect copy for their website so they can help you achieve your goals.

It shows us that they care about their customer, just like many web design companies in Winnipeg that we’ve reviewed so far, Officesmarts hasn’t disclosed their earnings as well.

We at PeggDesigns believe that every company should disclose their pricing model on their websites so clients know how much each service costs and can do a comparison with other companies.


Although all of these are the best web design companies in Winnipeg, but obviously, we believe that we’re the best one because we have a transparent pricing model, no hidden charges or fees, we’ve got a good portfolio under our belt and most of all, we care about you and your experience.

So much so that you’ll keep coming back to use for more services!

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