How To Choose The Right Web Design Company In Winnipeg

Choosing the right web design company in Winnipeg can be quite a hassle, especially when you have to deal with tons of companies and each of them try to sell you something different.

So I’ve decided to give you a complete list for how to choose the right web design agency so you can tally the list and ask the right kind of questions and concerns with the agency that you’re about to hire.

But Why Bother To Do This?

There are many companies out there who don’t like to give their full effort and often try to scam you into spending a lot of money on something that only requires a little effort. Companies often try to outsmart you and waste your time by giving you false information.

Not every company does this but some of them do which makes your experience very unpleasant and results in your time and money being wasted.

How To Choose The Right Web Design Company In Winnipeg

Winnipeg is a great place when it comes to web designing services and there are only a few places here who offer excellent services, but even then you should always ask the right questions so there’s clarity between you and the company and everything goes smooth.

1. Check The Companies’ Portfolio

check the portfolio of the web design company

The first and the most important thing that you need to check is their portfolio, how many websites have they built? volume doesn’t necessarily mean that every website they build is going to be good.

Check if the websites they built work well on mobile phones, tablets and desktops, in addition to that you should also check for any bugs that is if something isn’t working as it’s supposed to, if all the colors and design seem very confusing to you then it’s a sign that this company doesn’t focus on the quality of the website.

Every company has a unique set of websites and no two are the same , if you can spot something like that then that is a company that you should definitely do business with.

fortunately, at PeggDesigns, every website we build has some kind of unique functionality and aspect to it so you should definitely give us a try for your next project!

2. Check The Company Reviews

check the reviews of the website

This is the second most important thing after the portfolio, reviews are the voice of the customer, in 90% of the cases, companies will only show you reviews which they think are the best.

To actually check legitimate reviews of any company, check the reviews for that company on Google since google always gives you legitimate and unbiased reviews.

In addition to that, if the company is well known then ask around other people of what they think about the company and how their experience was, asking the customer directly will give you a complete answer for which web design company you should hire in Winnipeg.

3. Check The Company Website

Check the company website

A web design company in Winnipeg shouldn’t be too fancy and full of confusing elements, it should be straight forward and to the point, but, at the same time it should also be convincing and demonstrate it’s expertise.

Here’s how you can determine if the website of a company is good:

  1. It Should Load Fast: The website should load fast, this is a sign that the company has paid attention to off page elements.
  2. There Should Be A Portfolio Page: This one is obvious, you can’t trust a company unless they show you their portfolio or some kind of credibility.
  3. There Should Be A Reviews Page: Review pages tell you the voice of the customer, the more reviews there are, the better it is.
  4. Should Have Contact Information: Visiting a website which doesn’t have any kind of contact information tells us that the company has stopped paying attention to this business.
  5. Should Be Simple: The overall design of the website should be simple and it should be easy to navigate.
  6. Should Have A Clear Pricing Model: Many times companies don’t list their pricing model on the website but they should because it helps you determine whether it falls into your budget or not.

In addition to all of these pointers, it’s very essential that the web design company actually has a website on the web, if they don’t even have a website then you should stay away from them.

4. Check Their Content Creation Strategy

check if they have an active content strategy

A good content creation strategy can speak volumes about the company, before spending your valuable money on any company, you should see if they have blog posts on their website, which can usually be found on the bottom of the website.

Apart from that you should check if they have social media, even if they don’t have any active page on social media, they should still maintain and keep publishing helpful blog posts like this so they can establish their credibility and expertise.

A web design company without any kind of content strategy is basically out there just to make money with no care for the customer, everyone is out there to make money actually, but the ones with a good content strategy are there to help clear your confusions as well as to guide you.

5. A Good Web Design Company Will Have Experience In Multiple Industries

a good web design company will have experience in different industries

A good web design company knows what kind of website to create for any type of business, whether it be a B2B website or a B2C website, they know how to handle each project.

If they don’t have at least 5 websites in their portfolio then you should avoid doing business with them because they’re fairly new in the web design industry and don’t have much experience dealing with different types of clients.

6. They Offer Proper Guidance

a good web design company will always guide you for whats best

A good company will always guide you for what’s best for you and your business, many companies just want to take your money and don’t give out a detailed response to your concerns.

They will give you free consultation and they will be as detailed as they can be when answering your questions.

7. They Provide More Value Than Their Competitors

they will give you more value than their competitors

A company that offers you tons of services and value in a lesser amount is there to give you the best possible package in a very little price.

These types of companies exist to help you take your business to the next level by providing additional services free of charge so your business thrives and you keep coming back to them.


These are the 7 pointers that you should keep in mind whenever hiring a web design company in Winnipeg, fortunately, PeggDesigns fulfills all of these requirements!

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